The Copenhagen On Wall speaker is equipped with a single 1” ceramic dome tweeter and two 5” aluminium bas-/midrange drivers. The construction is a true 2-way speaker with a 4th order crossover – at 2kHz – this ensures a perfect transition between the drivers and as a result a very flat frequency response.

In order to achieve the low crossover point the tweeter is mounted in a waveguide. On top of that this gives the speaker a very wide and even horisontal and vertical dispertion, resulting in a big and clear sound stage.

One of the biggest benefits with the on wall placement is the natural gain that is created when a speaker is placed close to or directly on a wall. In fact the entire wall becomes part of the speaker and they together form one large baffel. We have actively used this to our advantage and designed our speaker and crossover with this in mind.
The efficiency of the Copenhagen On Wall speaker is 91dB, making this speaker a truly dynamic speaker. At the same time is it easily driven and even very small amplifiers can driver these speakers to very loud sound levels.

The crossover filter is of 4th order and we have only used foil condensators, aircoils and MOX resistors to ensure the best possible sound.


For further details, please visit the detailed technical product description.